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By DermacenterMD Team
September 21, 2015

If you've ever considered having a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance your natural beauty, you may have wondered what Dysport is and how it works.

Well, it is an advanced cosmetic product which helps in reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.  It gives a more vibrant and youthful appearance to the face.

In certain areas of the body, including the face the effects of hormones, sun damage and increasing years can lead to change we do not want.   Fortunately many of the signs which give away our years can be reversed.  To get a more youthful, happy and pleasant appearance Dysport was developed. 

It is a purified protein of Botulinum toxin which reduces the impulses sent down nerve endings to the muscles.   In doing so it causes a relaxation of the muscles which keeps them from contracting and forcing unwanted wrinkles to appear.   The product lasts about three to four months and then gradually wears off.  This allows for a very natural appearance so friends and neighbors notice improvements, but have a hard time identifying what was done.

The procedure has minimal discomfort and takes only a few minutes to perform.  At DermacenterMD Dysport and Botox injections are performed by Dr. Roger Moore.  As a board certified dermatologist he is expertly trained in the skin, aging and cosmetic procedures.   In addition to this he has gone to great lengths to advance his knowledge in these areas including advanced injector training courses only available to board certified dermatologists.   Dr. Moore’s pleasant bedside manner and excellent skills create many loyal clients.  

Call our office today at 574-522-0265  for your consultation and evaluation.   Looking and feeling your best can be only a phone call away!