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By Dr. Roger Moore
October 12, 2015
Category: Lifestyle
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What I learned from Abraham Lincoln 

Each one of us makes mistakes, right? Well some of us forget how the other fellow might feel. I once read that if Abraham Lincoln was upset he would write a letter about how he felt and then never send it. He had a general in the Civil War that he instructed to close in on the opposition when they were tired and weak, but the general felt his men were too tired to proceed so he waited. During the wait time, his opponent’s reinforcements surprised them and prevented the Union general from capturing a huge victory. A victory some thought might have ended the war. It was believed that President Lincoln wrote a scathing letter outlining how if the general had just followed through with the recommendations the President had given him, he could have ended the war and saved countless lives. The letter was found later not delivered. You see, by that time in his career, the President had figured out tearing down the man would not help the situation, and the general probably already had been losing sleep over his mistake.

This is much like each of us. We probably beat ourselves up way too often over our mistakes. Most people find it easy to find fault in the other person. I have learned that mourning a bad decision can prevent me from making the next good decision or distract me from creating a more positive situation. Though I am still a work in progress myself, I learn more as I get older. I too realize the good in each person is sure to be there and helping others rather than scolding leads to more positive results.  A pat on the back can help a person blossom like a flower.