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By Dr. Roger Moore
January 26, 2015
Category: Winter Skin Care
Tags: dry skin   moisturizer   sensitive skin  

As featured on Fox 28 News!

 Winter can be extra rough on your skin. Here are a few simple tips from Dr. Moore to help you keep your skin beautiful and hydrated all winter long!

  • Bathe in lukewarm water- avoid extremes in temperature (very hot or very cold).

  • Use soap in the “dirty” areas like the hands, underarms and private areas. Be gentle elsewhere.

  • Avoid rubbing dry or sensitive skin areas with abrasive items including wash clothes or sponges.

  • Pat dry when you are out of the shower (rather than rub vigorously), so some water stays on your skin.

  • If your skin has not responded to these DermacenterMD healthy skin tips, give us a call to see one of our skin care specialists.

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