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By Dr. Roger Moore
February 22, 2016
Category: General Skin Care
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Hello My Friend,

If you have ever felt red faced you are probably not alone.  In fact a high percentage of people have redness on the face which can be intermittent or constant.   The redness can be an early sign of rosacea.

What is Rosacea?  It is a chronic condition often felt to be similar to acne.   Most people with Rosacea have one of the following:  1) red bumps and pus bumps on the face, 2)  redness of the face  which can be worse after some foods or aggravating factors, 3) blood vessels on the nose or face called telangiectasias, 4) eyelid or eye irritation and/or 5) swollen or thick skin.   

One or all of the items listed can be found in people with rosacea.    The problem can be one which is embarrassing and frustrating.   Fortunately the condition is often treatable.   This means if you or someone you care about suspects rosacea, come on in and let us evaluate you.   It is much easier to treat the rosacea than what many people have thought in the past.

I wish you much success, peace and happiness.   As well as great skin!


Roger Moore, MD