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By Dr. Roger Moore
October 19, 2015
Category: Cancer
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Basal cell carcinoma is not an uncommon cancer to occur on the lip. The lips are often overlooked when looking for non-melanoma skin cancers. However, given their highly visible location, the majority of lip cancers are easily detectable and treatable at an early stage. A raised pink or pearly bump on or around the lip can be a possible sign of skin cancer.

Cancer of the lips comprises approximately 0.6 percent of all cancers in the U.S. It is the most common malignant lesion of the oral cavity, constituting 25-30 percent of all oral cavity cancer cases.  Studies have shown that males are 3-13 times more likely to develop lip cancers, likely due to occupation-related sun exposure combined with greater alcohol and tobacco use. The lower lip is approximately 12 times more likely to be affected, because it often incurs more sun exposure. 

The best treatment in delicate areas like this is done with Mohs Micrographic Surgery. With Mohs surgery, less tissue is taken, and therefore there is usually less scarring. This form of treatment also offers up to a 99% cure rate, making it the most effective treatment available for basal cell carcinoma.