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By Dr. Roger Moore
October 06, 2015
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There are many types of brown spots which can occur on the skin.  Typically the term liver spots is used for the flat brown spots which are noted on the back of the hand as one ages.  If they are flat it is often a freckle like spot called a lentigo.  These brown spots are often worsened by sun exposure.  Thus, sunscreen on a daily basis is a must to reduce the darkness of these lesions.  Also, a laser-like therapy called photo rejuvenation can be utilized to help reduce the appearance of discoloration.

Other common brown spots are moles, freckles, and seborrheic keratosis.  Moles can occur anywhere on the body and usually occur in youth and stop occurring after about the age of 30.   Freckles are related to sun exposure as they are noted on the sun exposed sites like the face, shoulders and upper extremities.   They occur in the youth, but may persist into adulthood.  The seborrheic keratosis are waxy brown rough spots which start after the age of 30 and increase in number as we get older.

The worrisome aspect of brown spots is when melanoma, a cancerous growth of the skin, occurs.  For this reason we recommend each person get a skin cancer screening exam once every year.  Most skin cancers have no pain, bleeding or other symptoms in the initial stages, so a visit can catch cancer early.

Call our office today at (574)522-0265 and schedule your skin cancer screening exam.  No referral is needed. We look forward to seeing you and helping to keep you healthy!