By The DermacenterMD Team
May 31, 2016
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How does ‘Slow Sun’ cause damage?

‘Slow Sun’ or ‘Incidental Sun’ is the sun we get without even knowing it.   

When we get in and out of our car going to and from work we often do not realize we might be getting sun exposure.  Unfortunately, the small segments of exposure to harmful UV rays we get intermittently throughout our life actually add up.  It has been estimated up to 85% of the cumulative sun exposure comes from this ‘Incidental Sun.’  

What does chronic sun exposure do to the skin?

It can lead to signs of sun damage.  This includes roughness in texture, brown or red spot development and wrinkles most often.   These features are often felt to be signs of aging.   It is not as noticeable at first, but something does occur with continued exposure.  This something is the development of precancerous lesions termed ACTINIC KERATOSIS.  These are usually rough and scaling growths on the sun exposed part of the body.   In addition, high lifetime UV exposure can lead to an increased risk of BASAL CELL CARCINOMA and SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA.  So each day we get some exposure we are increasing your risk of skin cancer.

Be aware of your cumulative sun exposure, even that from childhood.  All sun exposure plays a role in the development of skin cancer and precancerous lesions. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen and cover up!