By Dr. Roger Moore
August 18, 2015
Category: Lifestyle

Working with other people can be challenging.  Every one of us has some situation where getting along with someone better would make our own life easier. Some ways to work with people who you feel have done something wrong or made a mistake can be:

1. Talk about your own mistakes before talking about theirs. One of my children brought home a bad grade once. It was easy enough to share the pitfalls I have had in school first. This can take some of the sting out for their own blunder. As for my kids, they are smarter than dad any­way.

2. Let the other person know they are capable of better. In my high school days I remember having a coach pull me aside and tell me he expected a certain level from me. Interestingly, this has stuck with me and to this day. Even as an adult I think about his comments and try to perform at a higher level.

3. Talk about mistakes indirectly. When we had work done on our home years ago my wife did a nice job of showing the contractor what he had done that was different than we agreed upon. She did this eloquently by reviewing the mistake in an indirect way. He did well at taking direction and we also got the changes we needed or had planned in the first place.