By Dr. Roger Moore
April 11, 2016
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Tags: skin cancer   melanoma   tanning beds  

Have you heard about the uproar tanning salons have been under? It turns out there is growing concern that tanning beds lead to increased risk of skin cancer. The debate has gotten so intense some of the states and cities are imposing harsh regulations and fines on tanning businesses. In fact, the city of Chicago banned tanning for anyone under the age of 18 while Indiana passed a law making it illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to tan. 

If this seems a bit harsh, we should consider the story of one of our patients who was having her first baby when a nurse we had seen recommended she see us for a suspicious mole. It turned out that the young lady of age 28 had been a frequent user of tanning salons.  She had the suspicious mole on her lower back. 

It turned out to be a melanoma, a potentially life threatening form of skin cancer. Fortunately for her, she had someone tell her to come in.  She could not see the mole on her back and it was wonderful that the nurse at the hospital knew enough to send her our way. She is alive and doing well today because her melanoma was caught early. 

She is one of several we have met who were frequent ‘tanners’ who ended up having melanoma. It has become my firm belief that tanning is not worth the risk. I also feel strongly that we should have a full skin exam every year since catching a melanoma early can truly be life saving. Get in for your exam today.  Let’s keep you safe and strong for your bright future.

-Roger Moore, MD