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By Lorraine Taylor and Dr. Roger Moore
March 10, 2015
Category: Lifestyle

Looking better with more sleep?

The amount of sleep one gets can have an impact on their appearance.   As unfortunate as it may seem the little things like restless nights and trouble falling asleep can affect how the world sees you.   Getting more sleep can thus help not only make you feel better, but also appear more ready to handle the challenges the world has to offer.

Some items we can often detect in others who are sleep deprived can include dark circles under the eyes, bags under the eyes, more pale skin, slower communication, and a generalized lack of energy.   On the other hand a rested person will appear hydrated, have a better appearance and display more vibrancy and confidence.   So it is important to get proper rest on a daily basis.   Some tips to make sure you are optimizing your sleep include:

  1. Set a schedule.   Our bodies adapt well to consistency in our schedules and this is important for sleeping.  When we go to bed at the same time our biologic clock will start preparing for rest at the expected time.

  2. Take time to unwind before bed.  When we make an effort to get away from distractions of the day before bed time we can be more relaxed when it is time to sleep.   Eliminating stressful discussions, electronics and television thirty minutes before bed can help us fall to sleep quicker.

  3. Try relaxation techniques.  Simple relaxation techniques can help.   Consider steps like closing the eyes and concentrating on our breathing while we take five slow deep breaths and mentally tell ourselves we are relaxed can be calming.   Other techniques may be tried as well.

  4. Exercise routinely.  Though exercise too soon before bed and impede sleep due to the endorphins released, exercising can help us rest better.  Typically 20 minutes of exercise if permitted by our doctor several times a week no closer than 1 hour before bed can improve sleep.

These are a few of the simple steps we can take to improve our sleep quality and lead to a more healthy lifestyle.   Quality sleep can be a key to feeling our best and also looking our best.   Helping your body reach its potential on a daily basis often requires proper sleep.   Find ways to sleep your best to you look your best.