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By Dr. Roger Moore
September 28, 2015
Category: Lifestyle


My father once said to me, “You can make that standing on your head.” He said this to me during a phone call to him while I was in medical school. I had never heard him say such a strange saying.

You see, I was a marketing major until I decided, after my fourth knee surgery, that being a doctor and helping others was what I wanted to do. This required a mad scramble to get all the required courses out of the way and obtain a biology degree in my final two years of college. I managed to do so through shear grit and hours of studying to no end, but medical school was another story entirely.

Having changed my major so late, I was certainly not ahead of anyone in medical school in the classes we took. The first year was so over­whelming that I questioned if I could make it or not.

Many nights I would call home and tell my parents I just did not know if I could make it. Looking back, they must have had quite a bit of understanding as I re­peated the same story to them over and over like a broken record.

It was just too much and I was not sure if I could make it. My father would end our conversations each time with, “Roger, you can make that stand­ing on your head.”

Somehow his assurances and confidence helped me hang in there one day at a time. Somehow I did make it and was fortunate to graduate near the top of my class. And sure enough I made it just like he said, but without having ever stood on my head.