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By DermacenterMD Team
September 21, 2015

If you've ever considered having a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance your natural beauty, you may have wondered what Dysport is and how it works.

Well, it is an advanced cosmetic product which helps in reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.  It gives a more vibrant and youthful appearance to the face.

In certain areas of the body, including the face the effects of hormones, sun damage and increasing years can lead to change we do not want.   Fortunately many of the signs which give away our years can be reversed.  To get a more youthful, happy and pleasant appearance Dysport was developed. 

It is a purified protein of Botulinum toxin which reduces the impulses sent down nerve endings to the muscles.   In doing so it causes a relaxation of the muscles which keeps them from contracting and forcing unwanted wrinkles to appear.   The product lasts about three to four months and then gradually wears off.  This allows for a very natural appearance so friends and neighbors notice improvements, but have a hard time identifying what was done.

The procedure has minimal discomfort and takes only a few minutes to perform.  At DermacenterMD Dysport and Botox injections are performed by Dr. Roger Moore.  As a board certified dermatologist he is expertly trained in the skin, aging and cosmetic procedures.   In addition to this he has gone to great lengths to advance his knowledge in these areas including advanced injector training courses only available to board certified dermatologists.   Dr. Moore’s pleasant bedside manner and excellent skills create many loyal clients.  

Call our office today at 574-522-0265  for your consultation and evaluation.   Looking and feeling your best can be only a phone call away!

If you’re considering having a cosmetic procedure done to enhance your natural beauty and reduce the signs of aging, your first reaction may be to contact a plastic surgeon’s office or perhaps go to your local spa. While these places can provide excellent treatment, there is no better option than having a board-certified dermatologist perform your cosmetic procedure. Here at DermacenterMD, Dr. Roger Moore, a skin care expert, will personally evaluate your needs and perform your procedure.

There is no other medical profession that is more highly trained in the skin than dermatology. A dermatologist has dedicated their life to the study and care of the skin, hair and nails. When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Moore, you will not only be able to express your desire for a specific cosmetic procedure, but also you can express any other skin, cosmetic or aging concerns you may have. Dr. Moore can lead you in the right direction to get your skin looking youthful, fresh and beautiful.

You can change your image and the way people perceive you thought the innovative cosmetic procedures offered here at DermacenterMD. Dr. Moore offers treatments such as Botox and Dysport, fillers, laser facial rejuvenation, photo rejuvenation, laser hair reduction, microdermabrasion, ProFractional laser therapy, laser vein therapy and more. Many of Dr. Moore’s patients travel from all over the Michiana area, including South Bend, Goshen, Mishawaka and Michigan to receive the professional and expert care they know they will receive at DermacenterMD. So, if you’re considering cosmetic procedures to improve your appearance there is no better option than choosing a board-certified skin expert like Dr. Roger Moore.

We welcome you to give our office a call at 574-522-0265 to schedule your consultation today.

By Dr. Roger Moore
May 27, 2015
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Interestingly enough,  the realm of cosmetic dermatology has been one of the pioneers in enhancing smiles.  This can be done in several ways depending on what is desired.

One of the most dramatic methods to improve the smile is to change the downward turning corners of the mouth most get as aging sets in.  This down turn in the corners of the mouth can actually make others see us as grumpy, sour or unhappy, when in reality we are not.  To get others to see us for who we are, Dr. Moore can inject a filler substance into the skin near the corners of the mouth.  This can reduce the shadow in this area and give a more relaxed and neutral or positive appearance.  This technique is often described as the method of turning a frown upside down. 

Botulinum toxin protein can also be injected into the muscles around the mouth or some which pull down on the corners of the mouth.  This can also help relax the corners allowing the lips to have a more happy appearance.

The long term application of topical retinoids in cream form, such as Retin A, can also improve the wrinkles and roughness of the skin around the mouth.  This improvement can yield a healthier smile.  

Laser therapy with our top-of-the line advanced system form Sciton can also improve texture, color, wrinkles and lines of the skin giving a more youthful appearance.  This may be combined with some of the items listed above to get more significant improvement.

Dr. Moore can find the right method to improve your smile so others around you see you as the wonderful and positive person that you are.   

If you interested in improving your smile today, call Dr. Moore at 574-522-0265 to set up a consultation to determine which methods will give you a happy, healthy and beautiful smile. 

See results below of what injectable fillers can do to improve a smile: 



By Dr. Roger Moore
March 02, 2015
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Today's blog post focuses on answering the question "Are Botox and Dysport safe to remove my wrinkles?"

Botox and Dysport injected by Dr. Roger Moore at DermacenterMD might be an excellent choice to reduce your wrinkles.

These are two products used for turning back the clock, so to speak, on the signs of aging.  Each product is a protein, botulinum toxin A, which reduces the activity of the muscles in the area it is injected into.  Both products have been around many years with excellent safety records when used by trained professionals. Over 2 million injections per year are reported in the United States. The cosmetic usage has been mostly for the face where Botox and Dysport can improve the aging features by reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  

Each product is FDA approved for the temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults less than 65 years of age. The improvement in wrinkles is typically noted for 3 to 4 months and after this, the muscle function returns to normal.  It is the temporary effect which many people appreciate as they like the fact they are not doing anything permanent or too dramatic. With discussion of injectable agents, most people have concern about the discomfort.  Interestingly, by using one of the smaller needles, which is made for injection and advanced techniques of injection by Dr. Roger Moore, the Botox and Dysport at DermacenterMD is frequently rated as having minimal discomfort.  

When people want to appear younger, let others see them in more happy state (by removing frown /scowl lines), or simply want to look better Dr. Moore’s Dysport or Botox is worth a try. In addition, many people choose a board certified dermatologist like Dr. Moore since no other area of medicine is more highly trained in the skin. Dr. Moore’s pleasant demeanor, professionalism and the fact he performs his own injections, makes him top choice for many cosmetic clients in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend and the surrounding areas. 


If you’re interested in Botox or Dysport, give our office a call today at 574-522-0265 to schedule a consultation!