By DermacenterMD Team
June 08, 2016
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How Can Dr. Moore Improve My SMILE :)

Interestingly the realm of cosmetic dermatology has been one of the pioneers in enhancing smiles.  This can be done in several ways depending on what is desired.

One of the most dramatic methods to improve the smile is to change the downward turning corners of the mouth most get as aging sets in.  This down turn in the corners of the mouth can actually make others see us as grumpy, sour or unhappy when in reality we are not.  To get others to see us for who we are Dr. Moore can inject a filler substance into the skin near the corners of the mouth.   This can reduce the shadow in this area and give a more relaxed and neutral or positive appearance.   This technique is often described as the method of turning a frown upside down.

Botulinum toxin protein can also be injected into the muscles around the mouth or some which pull down on the corners of the mouth.   This can also help relax the corners allowing the lips to give a more happy appearance.

The long term application of topical retinoids in a cream such as Retin A can improve the wrinkles and roughness of the skin around the mouth.  This improvement can yield a healthier smile.  

Laser therapy with our top of the line and advanced system form Sciton can also improve texture, color, wrinkles and lines of the skin giving a more youthful appearance.    This may be combined with some of the items listed to get more significant improvement.

Dr. Moore can find the right method to improve your smile so others around you see you as the wonderful and positive person you are.