Sapphire Abratism takes microdermabrasion to the next level.

The step beyond microdermabrasion has arrived and it’s here first in Michiana at DermacenterMD. Sapphire 3 Therapy is a scientific advancement beyond microdermabrasion. The full Sapphire procedure is a 5 step process that is therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating.

You receive a gentle abratism that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, then an infusion of topical medicinal solution to hydrate your skin. Three additional steps include rejuvenation with red light which has been shown to stimulate collagen and fight wrinkles. Blue light therapy is then administered to help fight off the harmful bacteria that can cause acne. The final step is lymphatic drainage which detoxifies the skin while providing a massage-like ending to your therapy.

You receive the most complete and advanced medical facial in Michiana with the end result of smoother, fresher, more radiant skin.

Sapphire 3 Therapy is ideal for improving fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged or clogged pores, hyper pigmentation (brown spots), dehydrated skin, acne, scars and signs of aging.

DermacenterMD offers:

  • Full Sapphire Abratism: Wet and dry exfoliation, red light, blue light therapy and lymphatic drainage as described above
  • Mini Sapphire Abratism: Wet and dry exfoliation.
  • Sapphire lymphatic drainage: A relaxing procedure that detoxifies and regenerates the skin and its cells.
  • Sapphire Acne treatment: An antiacne treatment to cleanse and regenerate the skin.

Our Sapphire Abratism clients have said:

“ I love the way my skin feels after the sapphire treatment.”

“ The session was so relaxing I almost fell asleep.”

“ This really makes my skin softer and the wrinkles are softer.”

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