Laser rejuvenation has never been more accessible, effective and results-oriented. Dr. Moore is excited to offer procedures previously only available in the big city to improve brown spots, redness, fine lines, enlarged pores and other skin concerns. Explore your many options:

• MicroLaserPeel™ from DermacenterMD is the first of its kind in Michiana. It can remove fine wrinkles around the lips, eyes and cheeks as well as reduction in pigmentation and scarring. Clients attain a younger looking, smooth skin texture and wear less make up after this minimal downtime procedure.

Our MicroLaserPeel™ clients have said:

“I feel like my skin has more of a glow. Now I use less make up and do not look so tired.”

“My skin is smoother and the wrinkles around my eyes softened. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

• Removing spider veins and vessels on the face, legs or elsewhere can lead to more confidence in your appearance. Dr. Moore can eliminate unsightly vessels with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Sclerotherapy is another effective treatment option for spider veins, available at DermacenterMD.

Our  Laser vessel therapy clients have said:

“I am excited for summer so I can finally wear shorts.”

“My friends now compliement my great complexion.”

• Profractional™ quickly and effectively treats deeper wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, acne scars and more. The procedure is simple, pain free and rapid. DermacenterMD is proud to be the first in Michiana to offer this revolutionary technology that yields rapid results. Great for mature skin.

Our Profactional™ clients have said:

“ My wrinkles have improved and I feel more confident.”

“ The brown spots are much lighter with one treatment.”

• If your skin has more elasticity or lacks the firmness of your youth consider SkinTyte™. This revolutionary technology can yield a more youthful appearance by firming the collagen in the skin with light energy. Moderate, noticeable skin improvement can be noted without downtime or surgery. Several treatments can yield significant results.

Our SkinTyte™ clients have said:

“I noticed the difference the same day.”

“I could feel the warmth and firmness after my treatment.” 

Combining treatments can lead to more dramatic and rapid results. Ask about combination therapies including the South Beach Peel, Lady Jane Rejuvenation, the Liquid lift and more. 


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